California State University Employees Union

Stewards & Labor Rep

LRR (Labor Relations Rep)

Vivian Mendoza is our Labor Relations Representative. She has a wealth of knowledge and the passion to fight for our employees. As a former employee of the CSU system and CSUEU member, she knows our struggles and battles we endure for fair labor practices. She will be actively involved with all steward cases and labor management councils on our campus. Feel free to stop by our chapter meetings or during certain steward open office hours to meet Vivian and say hello!

Certified Chapter Stewards

Our stewards, all active members in good standing, play a crucial role within our union. Led by our Chief Steward and LRR, they manage ongoing cases and serve as educators, ensuring that both our members and management are well-informed about the rights outlined in our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Stewards of Chapter 302
StewardDept/OfficeUnitContact Us
Jessie MendozaUndergraduate Education9Need representation or have a question? Send us a Contact Form(opens in new window)
Sophie BellisFMS5
Thomas DuSellFMS5
Stephen FriedrichFMS5
Manny LopezFMS5
Ildi GreyFYE/RSSC7
Mary Jane MohammedUniversity Printing7
Eri RomanWellCat Health Center7
Nicole GeigerClassroom Technology Services9
Rebecca NelsonFaculty Development9
Peter OwensIRSA9
Ann WilsonMeriam Library9