California State University Employees Union

Welcome New Members!

New Additions to our CSUEU 302 Family
Danielle AndersonBU9Office of the Registrar
Karen ApalitBU2Wellcat Health Center
Rosemary BalbianiBU2Wellcat Health Center
Tammy BolesBU7University Farm
Cynthia CabreraBU2Wellcat Health Center
Adi CamarenaBU7Student Financial Services
LeDonnis ColemanBU5Facilities Management and Services
Maria CoronaBU5Facilities Management and Services
Lee CoronelBU9Professional & Continuing Education
Emma DenzBU2Wellcat Health Center
Ian DonatelloBU9Institutional Research and Data Services
Aaron FarmerBU2Wellcat Health Center
Matthew FranklinBU9Classroom Technology Services
Cathy FullerBU7Environmental Health and Safety
Amanda GeahryBU7University Housing
Kimberly GoswillerBU9Institutional Research
Shaine HillBU9Biological Sciences Department
Laura IbarraBU2Wellcat Health Center
Crystal JinkensBU7University Housing
Angelica LaBrueBU2Wellcat Health Center
Emily McFarrenBU7University Police
Jarrett MorgadoBU9Business Information and Technology Services
Logan MooreBU9Library Services
Hunter OrtizBU9University Farm
Jeffrey OesauBU9Student Financial Services
Coral OlynykBU7School of Nursing
Augustin Pio ParedesBU9Institutional Research
Brandon RootBU9Library Services
Scott ShirleyBU5Facilities Management and Services
Alodie SpiresBU7Facilities Management and Services
NaLee ThaoBU7Office of Admissions
Alina TichininBU9Anthropology Department
Elvira Vazquez MagallanesBU5Facilities Management and Services
Paul WeatherbyBU9University Development