CSU Employees Union

Stewards & LRR

LRR (Labor Relations Rep)

Vivian Mendoza is our Labor Relations Representative. She has a wealth of knowledge and the passion to fight for our employees. As a former employee of the CSU system and CSUEU member, she knows our struggles and battles we endure for fair labor practices. She will be actively involved with all steward cases and labor management councils on our campus. Feel free to stop by our chapter meetings or during certain steward open office hours to meet Vivian and say hello!

Certified Chapter Stewards

Our stewards are active members in good standing. Working under the guidance of our Chief Steward and LRR, they handle active cases and educate both our members and management on the rights we all have under our CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement).

Stewards of Chapter 302
Jessie MendozaUndergraduate EducationChiefchiefsteward@csueu302.org
Megan RawieCollege of ECC7meganrawie.csueu@gmail.com
Stephen FriedrichFMS5BU5@csueu302.org
Laura WerthCollege of ECC7lmkwerth@gmail.com
Margie Keyawa-BoydAcademic Senate9BU9@csueu302.org
Kat JohnsUniversity Advancement9katjohns.csueu@gmail.com
Julia CruseWellCat Health Center2BU2@csueu302.org
Michael PrattOffice of the Registrar7mpratt.csueu@gmail.com
Ann WilsonMedia, Arts, Design Technology7BU7@csueu302.org