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Internet Resources about Cuba and Cuban Women

Afro Cuba Web
This site maintains discussion groups, a newsletter, and abundant information about conferences, workshops, or events in the United States connected with Afro-Cuban topics. This is also a good source of information or contacts on Afro-Cuban artists, writers, and performers.

Agencia Cubana de Noticias
This is the official Cuban news agency.
Main Internet portal of Cuba including a search engine, links to news and cultural events, and multiple categories of interest.

Cubanabooks blog

Non-profit organization that "fosters free press in Cuba, assists its independent sector develop a civil society and informs the world about Cuba’s reality." This site is mostly in English and fairly anti-Castro in stance.
Site in Spanish with bio-bibliographies and blogs about Spanish-language women writers.

Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales Cuba page
This academic site contains information on demographics, health, legislation, politics, socioeconomic profile, work, education, and the FMC as well as other government programs dealing with women’s issues in Cuba.

Feminism in Cuba
Maintained by the Center for Digital Discourse and Culture at Virginia Tech University, this site includes a bibliography and links to further bibliography and selected articles (not all links are current).

Federación de las Mujeres Cubanas
This is the official FMC site, with an abundant variety of news, links to periodicals, and blogs.

Granma Internacional Digital
Main news publication of Cuba, containing a search engine for archived articles as well as daily news and interest stories.

Negra Cubana Tenía que Ser blog
Portal Cubarte
Portal of Cuban Culture maintained by the Cuban government. Includes news stories as well as links to cultural events, publications, and national as well as local organizations.

Unión de escritores y artistas cubanos (UNEAC)
The National Union of Writers and Artists in Cuba official website, with information on related news and events.

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (and specifically: Committee on Women and Cuba)

Zafra Lit: The Blog of New Short Fiction from Contemporary Cuban Authors

Print Resources about Cuban Women and their Writing

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