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Purchase Fiction by Cuban Women Writers

Cubanabooks is dedicated to providing a discerning audience with the very best in contemporary literature by Cuban women writers, in quality soft cover editions at a reasonable price. Here you will be able to peruse the list of available offerings as it expands and purchase your choices directly from the Cubanabooks site.

Havana Is a Really Big City and Other Stories

By Mirta Yáñez

Released October 2010

Havana Is a Really Big City and Other Stories

Poet, novelist, critic, and extraordinary writer of short fiction, MirtaYañez also has worked extensively compiling anthologies of contemporary Cuban women writers.  Her narrative stands out by virtue of a complex yet unmistakable Cuban flavor and a characteristic preoccupation with the social, political, and economic particularities of the island and how these affect los cubanos. Catherine Davies has called Yañez one of the "most outstanding short story writers" among Cuban women.  This groundbreaking collection of her work, most of which is available for the first time in English translation, includes La habana es una ciudad bien grande in its entirety as well as selected stories from Todos los negros tomamos café, El diablo son las cosas, Narraciones desordenadas e incompletas and Falsos documentos. Read more…

ISBN 978-0-9827860-0-0

Retail price $15.95, Cubanabooks Website special only $9 + shipping!

Also available at Amazon (print or Kindle edition), Baker & Taylor, and Ingrams, and Indiebound!

havana is a really big city


By Nancy Alonso

This Bilingual edition was released February 3, 2012


Nancy Alonso entered Cuba's literary scene withTirar la primera piedra (Casting the First Stone) in 1997, followed Cerrado por reparación (Closed for Repairs, 2007 Curbstone Press), which won the 2002 prize for Women's Narrative "Alba de Céspedes." Now with Desencuentro (Disconnect), released in 2008, Alonso makes love in all its diverse facets the essential connection between the twelve stories. Yet each one has an internal disconnect of one type or another, revealing the inherent contradictions of life itself. InDisconnect we have a whole gamut of human relations including lesbian love, unconventional mother and son ties, chance encounters, interwoven destinies and even a dreamed death. Consistently characteristic of Alonso's fiction is her creation of everyday scenes and dialogues that are universally understood yet deeply rooted in Cuban reality. She is a masterful observer of human foibles, revealing missteps and hypocrisy with a sure touch and letting her readers discover the many ways that people connect and disconnect with the world around them. Read more…

ISBN 978-0-9827860-1-7

Retail price $17.95, Cubanabooks Website special only $12 + shipping!

Also available through Amazon (print or Kindle edition), Baker & Taylor, Ingrams; and Indiebound!



A bilingual collection of short stories

By Aida Bahr

Translated by Dick Cluster

This Bilingual edition was released July, 2012


Winner of the Alejo Carpentier short story prize in 2007, this breathtaking collection introduces the reader to the macabre reality painted by Santiago-born Aida Bahr.

Zaida Capote comments: "Many Cuban authors have referred to women's inner world, making it the subject matter of novels, short stories and poems, with not few successes. However, Bahr's book stands out for her rigorous dissection, with stark realism, of psycho-social situations associated with mistaken self-assessments that cause disorders, driving people to extreme alienation."

In a nutshell -- Ophelias is about eight women pushed to the edge of madness. Their stories could happen anywhere -- and they could only happen in Cuba. Read more...

ISBN 978-0-9827860-2-4

Retail price $17.95, Cubanabooks Website special only $12 + shipping!

Available through Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams; soon to be at Barnes & Noble and Indiebound!

Ophelias/Ofelias, Bilingual edition

Open Your Eyes and Soar

Open Your Eyes and Soar: Cuban Women Writing Now

Edited by Mary Berg, Introduction by Luisa Campuzano

Available now!

Open Your Eyes and Soar: Cuban Women Writing Now

Thanks to a special arrangement with White Pine Press, we are able to offer this beautiful collection of short fiction through the Cubanabooks website.

The ten writers in this volume rose to prominence in the last decade of the twentieth century. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba underwent a drastic economic contraction that brought about an explosion of feminine narrative writing, largely in a need to reinforce the self-esteem so critical in times of crisis and uncertainty.

For the first time in Cuban literature, women focused on topics long considered taboo--sexuality, eroticism, domestic violence, drug addiction and pedophilia--to bring attention to the social and moral crisis underway. Read more...

ISBN 1-893996-64-6

Special Sale Price $10.00 (+tax and shipping; retails for $16)

Open Your Eyes and Soar

The Bleeding Wound

Sangra por la herida

By Mirta Yáñez

Translated by Sara E. Cooper

Just released in 2014

The Bleeding Wound

Synopsis of The Bleeding Wound, by Mirta Yáñez

Tones of disillusionment and wistful longing permeate the 240 pages of this novel about the passage of time, the city of Havana, and death. Within its complex structure, a concert of diverse voices narrates the compelling sagas of a generation of Cubans who embraced the 1959 socialist revolution in their adolescence, as well as today’s twenty-somethings who inherited its boons and its banes. The common question asked throughout the novel is two-fold: where are we now? how did we get here? One of the characters, a woman who talks to herself in the park, repeatedly proffers her own answer: “And Havana is dying…” Read more...

Also available at Amazon (print or Kindle edition), Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams, and Indiebound!

The Bleeding Wound

Memory of Silence

Memoria del silenico


Translated by JEFFREY C. BARNETT

Edited by Paula Sanmartín & Maria DiFrancesco


The Memory of Silence is de Aragón's first major novel, but it is by no means her first major literary contribution. Since her first publication in 1972, she has penned numerous works in the genres of short story, poetry, and critical essay. Her works have been published by equally diverse presses in Spain, the United States, and Cuba. Likewise, her translated fiction has appeared in well-known anthologies, including "Not the Truth, Not A Lie" in Ann Louise Bardach's Cuba and "Round Trip" in Peter Bush's The Voice of the Turtle, among others. Professor, poet, journalist, critic, and artist, de Aragón has spoken on Cuban themes through a wide range of media, but it is in The Memory of Silence where she has found her most resonating voice. Read more...

Retail price $17.95, Cubanabooks Website special only $12 + shipping!

ISBN 978-0-9827860-4-8

Also available at Amazon (print or Kindle edition), Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor,Ingrams, and Indiebound!

Photo of memory of silence