Open Your Eyes and Soar

Edited by: Mary Berg, Introduction by Luisa Campuzano
Authors: Nancy Alonso, Aida Bahr, Marilyn Bobes, Sonia Bravo Utrera, Adelaida Fernández de Juan, Mylene Fernández Pintado, Ena Lucía Portela, Karla Suárez, Anna Lidia Vega Serova, and Mirta Yáñez
Translator(s): Mary G. Berg, Pamela Carmell, Dick Cluster, Sara E. Cooper, Cristina de la Torre, Nancy Festinger, and Anne Fountain
ISBN: 1-893996-64-6

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Book Cover: Open Your Eyes and Soar

Thanks to a special arrangement with White Pine Press, we are able to offer this beautiful collection of short fiction through the Cubanabooks website.

The ten writers in this volume rose to prominence in the last decade of the twentieth century. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba underwent a drastic economic contraction that brought about an explosion of feminine narrative writing, largely in a need to reinforce the self-esteem so critical in times of crisis and uncertainty.

For the first time in Cuban literature, women focused on topics long considered taboo--sexuality, eroticism, domestic violence, drug addiction and pedophilia--to bring attention to the social and moral crisis underway.

They focused, too, on the different dimensions of emigration, with special emphasis given to the conflicts produced in those who remained behind. Raft crossings, both successful and failed, are given a feminine point of view, as is the age-old profession of prostitution, which is seen as the crossing of the new borderlines that were established as tourism was once again encouraged.

With a broad range of voices and themes, this book is sure to open the eyes of new readers of Cuban fiction, and to let us all soar into the imagination of Cubanidad.

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Open Your Eyes and Soar: Cuban Women Writing Now (Secret Weavers Series)