Ophelias / Ofelias

Author: Aida Bahr
Translator(s): Dick Cluster
ISBN: 978-0-9827860-2-4

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Book Cover: Ophelias / Ofelias

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Suppose Ophelia were not a courtier's daughter in Elsinore, but a young girl left in the dry outback of the edge of nowhere while her mother pursued a dream, promising to collect her "soon"... Suppose she were a widow, confronted suddenly by keys to unknown doors, dangling from her husband's mysterious second key ring... Suppose she were a teenager longing for "real" life, or a married woman who discovers that the one she loves is actually another woman...

Suppose all these stories, and more, were set in the towns and cities of eastern Cuba: Holguín, Santiago, places that have rarely found themselves in fiction translated into English in the past...

Ophelias is a collection of stories about women pushed by circumstances to the edge of madness—a prize-winning collection by the captivating novelist, screenwriter, and short story author Aida Bahr.

These eight stories could happen anywhere—and they could happen only in Cuba. They are universal, yet grounded in the life of a very particular place and time. They will take you inside lives that you know, yet don't know. They will take you to a Cuba that is not at all about nightclubs, or politics, or vintage American cars.

They will take you to the edge of madness and back. 

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