Cultivating a Culture of Entrepreneurial Mindset and Undergraduate Research

CURE Resources

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CUREnet Website(opens in new window)

CUREnet was created in 2012 to provide support and resources to educators who are incorporating the CURE model in their curriculum. CUREnet has a wealth of information and resources including a collection of CUREs. CUREnet also offers Institutes to assist faculty in designing and implementing CUREs.

SIRIUS (opens in new window)

The Sustainable Interdisciplinary Research to Inspire Undergraduate Success (SIRIUS) Program at Sacramento State provides training support for the CEMUR Project. Learn more about the SIRIUS project.

CSUPERB CURES 2020 Mini-Symposium (opens in new window)

Learn more about how faculty at other CSU campuses are implementing the CURE model by visiting the California State University, Program for Education & Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB) CUREs 2020 Mini-Symposium. 

Adding Research to a Class – CURE quick start (PDF)

A brief guide to help you address critical issues often encountered in designing and implementing a CURE.