Cultivating a Culture of Entrepreneurial Mindset and Undergraduate Research

CURE-E Summer Institute

May 28 - May 31, 2024

The CURE-E Summer Institute is an interactive workshop that introduces faculty to inquiry-based learning, assessment strategies, and the use of educational technology. Discussions focus on inclusion and cultural sensitivity, as well as the range of potential barriers to student success in STEM that allow faculty to reflect on their own experiences, become aware of student challenges (e.g., financial challenges, family and/or work obligations, stereotype threat, sense of belonging, and institutional/faculty culture), and consider classroom adjustments to improve students’ experiences.

Faculty are given time to work on course modifications and identify “next steps” to be tackled following Institute participation. Returning faculty trained in previous Institutes share their work with new participants, facilitate breakout sessions, and serve as peer mentors. To build on established best practice in CURE pedagogy, faculty from the CSU, Sacramento SIRIUS Project serve as project advisors and participate in faculty training and development activities. Their experience with the CURE model will provide important expertise to Chico State’s efforts. 

Additional resources are drawn from the CURE-net website, which includes articles, case studies, and additional training opportunities. Our approach is using a “train-the-trainer” model, in which Chico State faculty become experts in the CURE-E model and, subsequently, serve as trainers for subsequent faculty cohorts. This began in Year 3 as successful implementations of CURE-E were developed and faculty leadership in these efforts emerged.