Cultivating a Culture of Entrepreneurial Mindset and Undergraduate Research

Spring 2023 Courses with CURE-E

Classes with Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience and Entrepreneurial Mindset (CURE-E)

AGRI 305, Agricultural Genetics, L. Smith 

BIOL 416, Vertebrate Physiology, K. Parameshwaran 

ERTH 102, Physical Geology, H. Aird

ERTH 403, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, H. Aird 

HNRS 103, Honor Physical Science, R. Teasdale 

MATH 109, Survey of Calculus, P. Bailey

MECH 210L, Material Science & Engineering, O. Yasar 

PHYS 204A-05, Physics for Students of Science and Engineering: Mechanics, K. Hall 

PHYS 204B-05, Physics for Students of Science and Engineering: Electricity and Magnetism, N. Nelson  


Please view the Schedule of Classes for course details.