Curriculum Services

General Education Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB) Committee

2022-2023 General Education Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB)


Corey Sparks  – College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Faculty Representatives

Betsy Boyd – College of Agriculture

Melody Yeager-Struthers – College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Bob Madrigal  – College of Business

Jesse Engebretson – College of Communication and Education

Elena Harris  – College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management

Robert Tinkler  – College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Carolynn Arpin  – College of Natural Sciences

William Cuthbertson  – Library

Pathway Coordinators

Maria Giovanni – Agriculture, Food, and the Environment 

Jesse Dizard  – California Studies 

Erin Horst  – Equity, Ethics, and Policy 

Sarah Gangebin  – Gender and Sexuality

Stephen Lewis  – Global Studies

Heather Werner  – Health and Wellness

Corey Sparks  – Innovation, Design, and the Arts

Lateasha Meyers  – Race, Ethnicity, and Sovereignty

Phil Clements – Science, Technology, and Society

Nate Millard  – Sustainability and Climate Change


TBD – Education Policies and Programs Committee

Staff Members

Kelly McGregor  – Academic Advising Programs

Holly Ferguson - Academic Publications and Scheduling Services

Nicol Gray - Curriculum Services

Charlene Armitage - Graduation Advising

Kate McCarthy  – Provost Designee

Student Representatives


General questions can be referred to the   General Education Advisory Board

From   EM 21-023(opens in new window) Approval of General Education Program:


Curriculum Advisory Board

The Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB) will be responsible for making recommendations to the Provost or designee on the implementation, monitoring, development, and assessment of the GE program. In consultation with appropriate disciplinary faculty, it is responsible for the coordination of assessment and the addition or deletion of individual courses as well as any proposed substitutions. Since CAB will advise the Provost on a major university program, it may either initiate advice or respond to requests for advice. The committee membership will consist of:

  • Eight Faculty Representatives - One representative elected by and from each college and one by and from the library. Faculty representative shall serve staggered, two-year, renewable terms.
  • Pathway Coordinators – Pathway Coordinators receive release time for overseeing the coherence and breadth of upper-division Pathways and corresponding GE Minors, meeting regularly with faculty teaching courses in the GE Minor, and participating on CAB. A coordinator may not also serve concurrently as an elected college faculty representative.  Pathway Coordinators shall serve staggered, two-year, renewable terms.
  • One member selected from the Academic Senate’s Educational Policies and Programs Committee (EPPC), who shall serve a one-year term, renewable twice.
  • Three student representatives, one being the AS President or designee, one being the Director of University Affairs or designee, and one student appointed by Associated Students, who shall serve a one-year term, renewable twice.
  • One representative from Academic Advising Programs and one representative from Graduation Advising (Office of the Registrar).
  • Ex-officio, non-voting, members – one from Academic Publications and Scheduling Services, one from Curriculum Services, one from First Year Experience, and one Provost designee.

The CAB chair will be elected annually from the faculty representatives and will receive release time for coordinating the committee’s work.

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