Curriculum Services

Guidelines for Discontinuing a Center or Institute

A proposal to discontinue a Center or Institute, consisting of a rationale and signature page (PDF), may be initiated within the college or other campus unit having authority over the Center or Institute or by the Provost's Office through the campus academic master planning process. Appropriate units within the department, college, or governing body will review the proposal.

If the results of the review support the proposal to discontinue the Center or Institute, the results of the review and the proposal will be submitted to the Educational Policies and Programs Committee of the Academic Senate and to the Academic Senate for review and recommendation. Faculty in the affected department(s) will be consulted as part of the review. The Academic Senate will submit its recommendation to the Provost for review and subsequent recommendation to the President.

The Chancellor's Office will be notified of any discontinued Center or Institute required to report by Executive Order 751 (PDF); advisers, units, and agencies involved in advising or providing information regarding Centers and Institutes on this campus will also be notified.

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