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EM 76-15

Changes in Academic Organization

Text of Executive Memorandum 76-15 (October 29, 1976)

(see also EM 80-05)

The following policy was developed and adopted by the Faculty Senate. It is approved for use in the University as of Fall Semester 1976.


  1. No change in the academic structure of the University shall be effected without consultation with the faculty who are directly affected by the potential change.
  2. Department/division/program/center/etc., reorganization, relocation, and/or school affiliation shall be dealt with by the Vice President for Academic Affairs after systematically consulting with and receiving recommendations from:
    1. The faculty of the department(s).
    2. The students served by the department(s).
    3. The dean(s) and department chairperson(s) of the affected school(s) .
    4. The faculty of the affected school(s) in cases where reorganization or relocation would deeply affect the character of the school(s).
    5. The Educational Policies Committee of the Faculty Senate.
  3. The Faculty Senate shall be consulted and shall make recommendations on changes in the academic structure of the University whenever the matter involves creation, combination, or general reorganization of the school structure of the University.

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