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How to Read FTES Reports

FTES(Full Time Equivalent Students) is a measure used to determine the growth/health of the university. As of Fall 2006, the calculation for FTES has become quite complicated. FTES is now calculated using two different divisors based on the level of a student (Graduate SCU/12; Undergraduate SCU/15).

The equation to calculate a rough FTES figure for a class is:

  • ((Class Component Units * # of graduate students)/12) + ((Class Component Units * # of undergraduate students)/15)

Please note 2 important items:

As stated previously, this will give you a rough calculation due to the way the Chancellor's office defines 'Graduate'. Not all students in the 'GRAD' program in Peoplesoft are 'Graduate' students, but this logic is suitable for most calculations. In addition, component units of the class must be used when calculating the FTES for a class (which most analysts roll up to a department and/or college. Component units are not simply the Peoplesoft units of the class. For help in finding these units, please contact APO (Academic Publications, Facilities and Database Services).