Curriculum Services

Intention to Add, Delete, or Change Course(s)

Formatted Memo of Intent (DOC)(opens in new window)

Note: Contact Curriculum Services if there are questions about the content or format of the memo.

For all Memos of Intent:

Response due - Allow two weeks while regular classes are in session for advertising.
Distribute by e-mail using the Intent Distribution List.
Subject area of e-mail - Include course number and title after "Intent to . . ." (Include both numbers for cross listed courses.) 
Attach syllabus or outline to e-mail.
Responses to the memo
 should be forwarded to the dean for resolution or referral. After the two-week period for response, attach a hard copy of all responses to the Memo of Intent and forward, along with all other course paperwork, to Curriculum Services, zip 128. Curriculum Services will notify the college within 30 days of receipt of the paperwork if the course is not approved.

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