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Significant Changes to Degrees, Options, Minors, and Certificates

These guidelines provide an overview of the procedures and formats for proposals. If the guidelines are unclear, or if your program has some unique characteristics that require special input, please contact Curriculum Services.


Proposed changes of degree programs are divided into two categories, significant and minor.

Undergraduate Programs (majors and minors) and Certificate programs - for preliminary inquiries contact Curriculum Services for determination of what type of change proposal is appropriate given the nature of the proposed changes.

Changes that may require a significant change proposal include

  • increasing units if the undergraduate major already requires at least 60 units;
  • changes to a program that comprise at least 25% of the total units required. See WSCUC Substantive Change Manual(opens in new window);
  • changes to a major’s undergraduate program learning outcomes of more than 25%;
  • changes to a program that impact another department's curriculum or course offerings or create significant curricular overlap;
  • changes to a major that has yet to complete its first program review or external accreditation review or that is about to undertake a subsequent one (approximately within a year);
  • changes to a major that affect Transfer Model Curriculum (PDF). See the STAR Act (Student Transfer Achievement Reform)(opens in new window).
  • Any proposal to provide the majority of a state or self-support program exclusively or predominantly online; including but not limited to blended or online degrees as well as degree completion programs. See EM 21-029.

Graduate Programs preliminary inquiries: contact the Office of Graduate Studies for determination of what type of change proposal is appropriate given the nature of the proposed changes.

Note: Significant changes to options that are subject matter preparation programs or to credential programs should be made in consultation with the School of Education prior to submission. See EM 21-034.

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