Curriculum Services

University Writing Committee

University Writing Committee Members
Richard RosecranceAGR(13)5844310
Jacquelyn ChaseBSS(13)5587425
Bonnie PersonsBUS(13)5663031
Susan BrockusCME(13)4162600
Douglas ChelsonECC(12)5748305
Chris Fosen, ChairHFA(11)5269830
Jennifer LillibridgeNS(12)6379710
Thia Wolf  (EPPC rep)HFA(11)5240830
Mike MazurHFA(12)5571810

Ex-Officio Members
Bill Loker, Dean of Undergraduate Education
Chela Patterson, EOP

Committee Chair: The chair of the committee is appointed by the Provost.
EM 99-03 will be revised by this committee.

Appointed: In compliance with EM 99-03, the Provost and the Academic Senate Executive Committee, upon the recommendation of the academic deans, shall jointly appoint one representative from each college to three year staggered terms.

Term: 3 years, staggered

When: Spring