Center for Water and the Environment

Pablo K. Cornejo

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

Research Interests 

Pablo K. Cornejo’s research focuses on life cycle environmental impacts of wastewater and resource recovery management strategies, as well as multi-criteria decision support frameworks for sustainable drinking water treatment systems. Other research interests include greenhouse gas models for water reuse and desalination facilities; the water-energy-food nexus; and water and sanitation issues in the developing world.

Research Projects

PI’s: Scott R. Summers

Title: Design of Risk-reducing, Innovative-Implementable Small System Knowledge (DeRISK) Center

Funding Agency: U.S. EPA, National Center for Innovation in Small Drinking Water Systems

Dates: 2014-Present Award Amount: $4,099,973

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Related Grant Funded Projects

PI’s: James R. Mihelcic

Title: Workshop for Developing Evaluation Metrics to Advance a National Water Resource Recovery Facility Test Bed Network

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

Dates: August 2016-Present

Award Amount: $49,598

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Research Areas

Economics, Energy, Engineering, Water, Other