Center for Water and the Environment

Jesse Dizard

Department Chair of Anthropology

Research Interests 

Dr. Dizard (University of California at Berkeley, 2003) is a cultural anthropologist primarily interested in controlling processes. His research explores the existence and impacts of the pleasures of prejudice in a variety of contexts: the conceptualization and exploitation of ‘nature’; the social construction of categories of ‘enemy’ and ‘belonging’; the experience of violence, ‘identity formation’ and social inequality among ethnic minorities, particularly Native Americans, as well as children and women; and with regard to questions of authenticity, interpretation and narrative. He has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in W. Africa, N. Africa, Alaska, Asia and Europe.

Research Publications

Treading Water(opens in new window). Dir. Jesse Dizard. ALVA, 2012. Film.

Facing an uncertain future, a community confronts its reflection in the mirror of water scarcity. In the new normal of what once was the California dream, activists, commercial fishermen, farmers, local politicians and others share their anxieties and reveal their values in an effort to find common cause, if not always common ground.

Research Areas

Public Policy, Social Sciences, Water