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Don Hankins

Professor of Geography and Planning

Research Interests 

Dr. Hankins combines his academic and cultural interests through applied research of indigenous stewardship practices as a keystone process to aid in conservation and management of resources. He is currently engaged in fire and water research involving indigenous communities in California and Australia. Don has been involved in various aspects of land management and conservation for a variety of organizations and agencies including federal and tribal governments.

Research Projects

Douglas W. Bird, Ph.D., Stanford University (Project Coordinator, Co-Investigator)

Rebecca Bliege Bird, Ph.D., Stanford University (Principal Investigator)

Lisa M. Curran, Ph.D., Stanford University (Co-PI)

Hon. Ron W. Goode, North Fork Mono Tribal Chair (subaward Principal Investigator)

Don L. Hankins, Ph.D., California State University, Chico (CSUC subaward PI)

Frank K. Lake, Ph.D., USDA Forest Service (USFS subaward PI)

Brian F. Codding, Ph.D., Stanford University (Post-Doctoral Researcher)

Jared Dahl Aldern, Ph.D. Prescott College (Post-Doctoral Researcher)

Arielle Halpern, UC Berkeley (PhD Researcher)

Maddie Brown, Stanford University (PhD Researcher)

Monique Crumb, USFS, Humboldt State (MA Researcher)

Title: Indigenous fire regimes, land use ecology, and contemporary livelihoods in Northern California

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

Research Publications

Eriksen, C.E. and D.L. Hankins. In Revision. How fire fighting supports and suppresses indigenous fire knowledge Northern California, USA and New South Wales, AU. Society and Natural Resources.

Hankins, D.L. In Review. The Effects of Indigenous Prescribed Fire on Riparian Vegetation in Central California. Ecological Processes.

Hankins, D.L. 2009. The Effects of Indigenous Prescribed Fire on Herpetofauna and Small Mammals in Central California Riparian Ecosystems. California Geographer. 2009(49): 31-50.

Hankins, D.L. 2009. Water as Sacred. California Tribal Water Summit, invited essay in 2009 Water Plan. California Department of Water Resources.

Hankins, D.L. 2008. Native Californian Use of Fire in Weed Management. In Proceedings from the California Invasive Plant Council’s 2008 Conference.

Hankins, D.L. 2006. The Role of the Public in Conserving a San Francisco Native. Endangered Species Bulletin/Endangered Species Bulletin Update.

Research Areas

Ecology, Biodiversity, Public Policy, Water

Don Hankins

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