Center for Water and the Environment

Eric Houk

Professor of Agriculture

Research Interests 

Dr. Houk’s research interests are the economics of water allocation and water conservation in the western United States. Specifically, he has examined the economic impacts of water transfers from agriculture for endangered species preservation; the economic effects of irrigation induced waterlogging and soil salinization; and the impact of water conservation efforts on residential water demand.  He is currently examining the economic and hydrologic impacts of various water management scenarios in the north state.

Research Projects

PI’s: Dr. Eric Houk
Title: Water Transfers in Butte County: Economic Impacts of Short-term Land Fallowing
Funding Agency: Agricultural Research Institute
Dates: 4/13 - 3/14
Award Amount: $20,252

PI’s: Dr. Eric Houk and Dr. Steffen Mehl
Title: Evaluating the Hydrologic and Economic Effects of Water Conservation Alternatives in the Sacramento Valley
Funding Agency: Agricultural Research Institute
Dates: 1/12 - 12/13
Award Amount: $65,110

PI’s: Dr. Eric Houk
Title: Estimating the Direct and Indirect Impacts of Reduced Water Supplies in Agriculture
Funding Agency: Agricultural Research Institute
Dates: 04/10 – 04/13
Award Amount: $73,337

Research Publications

Schuck, E., M. Frasier, R. Ebel, E. Houk, G. Green.  "Retirement and Salinity Effects on Irrigation Technology Choices."  Western Economics Forum, Volume X, Number 1, Spring 2011.

Houk, E.  "Estimating Residential Water Demand in the Absence of Volumetric Water Pricing." Global Business and Economics Review, Volume 12, Number 3, January 2010.

Houk, E., M. Frasier, G. Taylor. "Evaluating Water Transfers from Agriculture for Reducing Critical Habitat Water Shortages in the Platte Basin."  Journal of Water Resource Planning and Management. Volume 133, Number 4. July 2007. 

Houk, E. "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Materials that Promote Voluntary Water Conservation." Interdisciplinary Environmental Review.  Volume 8, Number 2. December, 2006.

Houk, E., M. Frasier, E. Schuck. "The Agricultural Impacts of Irrigation Induced Waterlogging and Soil Salinity in the Arkansas Basin."  Journal of Agricultural Water Management, Volume 85. September, 2006.

Houk, E., M. Frasier, E. Schuck. "Irrigation Technology Decisions in the Presence of Waterlogging and Soil Salinity."  Global Business & Economics Review.  Volume 7, Number 4, 2005.

Research Areas

Agriculture, Economics, Water