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Dataconsumers Listserv

The dataconsumers listserv is intended to support communication about progress and updates on our data/reporting initiatives, raise general campus awareness about data/reporting/analytics, and communicate events such as training or other forums related to data/reporting.

How to Join

  1. Go to the Data Consumers listserv web page(opens in new window)
  2. Click the Sign in to view this group link or the Sign in button:
    Listserv Sign In
  3. A)You might see Google’s Choose an account screen, in which case select your account (if that account isn’t visible, click Use another account):
    Google account selection
    B) …or, you might see Google’s generic Sign in screen, in which case manually type your account (don’t forget @mail!!) and click Next:
    Google Generic Login
  4. You’ll be taken to the Chico State login. Use the same Chico State user ID and credentials that you use for all other Chico State web applications (don’t include here):
    CAS Authentication
  5. If you've never logged into your Google account you will be presented with a screen to accept terms & conditions.  After you login, you’ll be taken to the dataconsumers listserv webpage. Click the Apply for membership link:
    Dataconsumers Listserv Web Page
  6. The Apply to Join popup will open. Click the Apply to Join this group button:
    Apply to Join Listserv
  7. You’ll be taken to the membership pending web page. The listserv owner will receive an email notification and will approve your membership, and you’ll receive a listserv membership confirmation email (it might take a few hours). This is where experiences can differ from user to user. It depends on whether you have configured auto-forwarding from your account and/or whether you even use that account. Here’s an explanation. Chico State employees have TWO email accounts: one account is in Exchange/Office 365 (this is your account, and it is your primary employee email account); the other account is in Google (this is your account; this account is mostly used by Chico State students and a few faculty/staff, but many employees don’t even realize they have this account). The listserv membership confirmation email will be sent to your Google account. If you have configured your Google account to auto-forward email to your Exchange/Office 365 account, then you’ll receive a forwarded copy of the listserv confirmation email in your employee Exchange/Office 365 inbox; otherwise the email will only be in your Google in box. If you want to configure auto-forwarding, please see this Google support article(opens in new window).
    Listserv Membership Pending
  8. Once your listserv membership has been confirmed, you can post to the dataconsumers listserv in 2 ways: A) you can just send an email to, or B) you can go to the Data Consumers listserv web page(opens in new window) and click the NEW TOPIC button. You can also view all of the previous topics/threads on the Data Consumers listserv web page.

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How to post

There are two ways to post to the dataconsumers listserv:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Post directly from the dataconsumers listserv webpage(opens in new window)

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