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Chico Start

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Entrepreneruial Opportunities

Chicostart is the center of the startup and small business ecosystem for the North State. Covering 15 counties, we exist to remove the barriers for startups and small businesses to thrive, and serve businesses owned by racially and ethnically underrepresented individuals. We have created an ecosystem that networks the resources, support and technical assistance to help business. As central liaison for this regional ecosystem, we connect them to industry, funding, agency, education, makerspaces, workforce development, grants, mentoring, events and more. We host a startup incubator, coworking space and drive industry-to-industry partnerships for economic development. We help you START, GROW AND THRIVE!

Chicostart has been a continual sponsor of DataFest(opens in new window) and hosts networking opportunities for students wanting to connect with our local tech businesses.

Portrait of Chico Start