Data Science Initiative

Rick Hubbard

Lecturer in Business Information Systems
After four decades working in global consulting firms, some of the world’s leading telecommunications & financial services firms, and twenty-five years in technology leadership roles in Silicon Valley software firms, sometimes Angel Investor, Dr. Rick Hubbard is actively engaged in the development and exploitation of value at the intersection of business & technology.

A life-long technology “Alpha Geek” (three degrees in Computer Science) Rick is also an accomplished Strategist (MBA) and Project Leader—all building on the remarkable insights obtained by “System Dynamics.” Dr. Hubbard has been recognized by the Project Management Institute as a “PMP” (Project Management Professional) member; by the Association for Strategic Planning as an “SMP” (Strategic Management Professional), and the Strategic Planning Society as a “Fellow” (FStratPS). Rick is the author of POP—the Plan On a Page: Successful, Practical Planning Made Simple & Easy; BRIEFCASE—the IT/Business Case Method; and dozens of “Quick Start Guides” serving technologists, strategists, project leaders, consultants, as well as business executives & managers.

In addition to advising business & technology leaders regarding technology exploitation, business strategy, and project strategy, Rick “Pays Forward” as a Professor teaching advanced collegiate courses in Software Engineering; Strategy; Project Management; Consulting Methods and System Dynamics.
Portrait of Rick Hubbard