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Data Science Initiative

People & Partners

Steering Committee

Portrait of Robin Donatello
Robin Donatello
Portrait of Arash Negahban
Arash Negahban
Portrait of David Keller
David Keller
Portrait of Kevin Buffardi
Kevin Buffardi
Portrait of Lori Weber
Lori Weber

Current Students

Portrait of Brandon Leff
Brandon Leff
Portrait of Collin Dever
Collin Dever
  • Undergraduate Student in Computer Engineering
    Interests: Neural net to develop text to speech model
Portrait of Irfan Ainuddin
Irfan Ainuddin
Portrait of Kaleb Crisci
Kaleb Crisci
Portrait of Kris Walker
Kris Walker
Portrait of Madeline Hoshko
Madeline Hoshko
Portrait of Olivia Lund
Olivia Lund
Portrait of Tanya Bonilla
Tanya Bonilla


Portrait of Elena Harris
Elena Harris
Portrait of Edward Roualdes
Edward Roualdes
Portrait of Kathy Gray
Kathy Gray
Portrait of Rick Hubbard
Rick Hubbard
Portrait of Carter Tillquist
Carter Tillquist
Portrait of Todd Gibson
Todd Gibson
  • Associate Professor of Computer Science
    Interests: Protein interaction networks, graph theory

Organizational Partnerships

Portrait of Center for Healthy Communities
Center for Healthy Communities
Portrait of Chico Start
Chico Start
  • External Partner
    Entrepreneruial Opportunities