Distribution Services

FedEx Ground

When outgoing FedEx Ground® shipments are requested by campus staff and faculty, Distribution Services is responsible for the pick-up and assistance with document preparation. 

In addition to the above:

  • We are responsible for the chargeback to a department postage account (Mailbag Code(opens in new window)) for services used when FedEx Ground is the carrier.
  • We are responsible for the internal campus delivery of inbound FedEx Ground shipments and carrier staging for outbound FedEx Ground shipments for campus staff and faculty.


FedEx Ground packages are delivered to and received by the Distribution Services staff at 940 West First Street.

Distribution Services, using our internal tracking/delivery system, make the final delivery and captures a signature at your department office.

Outbound (Domestic Only)

Prepare your shipment

Domestic Ship Request

Distribution Services processes outbound FedEx Ground shipments when campus staff or faculty complete a Domestic FedEx Ship Request form.

Download the fillable Domestic FedEx Ship Request (Box)(opens in new window) form.

Track Shipments

Track FedEx Ground shipments by visiting FedEx.com(opens in new window).