Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

2008 COD Awardees

Promising Newcomer Award
Cross Cultural Leadership Center

Pulling us Together Award
Dr. Chris Coughlin, Professor of Child Development

Teaching Back Award
Yun Jin Carson, Student in MCGS

Behind the Scenes Award
Gary McMahon, Assistant Dean for the College of Business

Walk the Line Award
Dr. Jerry Maneker, Professor of Sociology & Social Science

Taking it to the Classroom Award
Dr. Janja Lalich, Professor of Sociology

Taking it to the Streets Award
Larry Bassow, Program Coordinator for Greek Life
Courri Brady, Coordinator for Residential Life Programming

The After Chico Award
Dr. Glen Toney, Member of the CSU Board of Trustees

Lifetime Achievement Award
Ajamu Lamumba, MESA Outreach Coordinator

cod awardees 2008