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Syllabi Examples

The examples of syllabi on this page have a diversity focus, and are intended to assist you in the development of your own diversity-focused syllabus. These syllabi have been collected from colleges and universities throughout the country. If you have syllabi of your own that should be included, please email

Syllabus Diversity Statement for Students with Disabilities

Diversity Checklist: Guidelines for Course Planning

Syllabus Diversity Statement for Safe Zone Allies and LGBTQ Allies

Syllabus Diversity Statement of Respect


Multiculturalism in Agriculture


Business Management: Managing Differences

Employee Relations and Organizational Behavior Group, Department of Management

Valuing and Managing Diversity in Organizations

Managing Diversity

Intercultural Management: Multicultural Organizations in a Global World


Difference Matters and Organizational Communication


Diverse Learners in The Mathematics Classroom


Discourse and Diversity

Introduction to Feminist Theory

History of Modern Racism

Sexuality, Gender, and the Law

The Philosophy of Politics and Race

Race and Philosophy

Philosophy and Cultural Diversity

Honoring Human Diversity in Adult Education Contexts

Philosophical Topics in Feminist Theory

Gender, Race, and the Politics of Difference

Contemporary Currents in Ethical & Political Theory: Multicultural and Global Citizenship

Thinking Sex

Gay and Lesbian Studies

Political Science

Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties


The Psychology of Diversity

CrossCultural/Multicultural/Diversity Primer (CCMDP): An Introductory Seminar for Individuals Working with Clients and Research Participants

Psychology of Diversity

Social Justice

#BlackLivesMatters Syllabus

Lemonade Syllabus (A Collection of Works Celebrating Black Womanhood)

#PulseOrlando Syllabus

#StandingRock Syllabus

Trump Syllabus

National Council Teachers of English (NCTE) "Resources for Teaching in These Times"

Education Technology Under Trump: A Syllabus

Introduction to Social Justice and Advocacy

Social Justice Leadership

Psychology of Social Justice

Diversity and Social Justice in Social Work

Multicultural Education, Equity, and Social Justice

Diversity and Social Justice in Public Safety Administration

Social Justice and the City

Engineering for Social Justice

Theories of Social Justice

Gender Violence, Law and Social Justice: Seminar


Reading and Composition

Advanced Oral Expression