Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Conversations on Diversity & Inclusion: How To Talk To/ About People Who Have Been To Prison

Wednesday, Mar. 7, 2018, 12–1 p.m.
Bell Memorial Union, Room 210

With more than half a million-people coming out of the jails and prisons of the US every year, with 2.4 million people employed in the ‘criminal justice’ system, and with a culture consumed with ‘crime’ news and ‘crime’ entertainment, our understanding and language about the realities of the matter have been left far behind.

In this talk, Professor Michael J. Coyle details how “few things are as misunderstood as ‘crime’, or how participants of this world are treated with a prejudice that it is as problematic as slavery, the persecution of witches and heretics, and racial and gender discrimination.” Bring your lunch and join us!

flyer (PDF)

Dr. Michael J. Coyle, Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice