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SOCI 152

Introduction to the Asian American Experience

This course examines the Asian experience in the U.S. over the last 150 years by focusing on the experiences of different Asian ethnic groups. The focus is on early arrival and settlement, and contemporary issues in Asian American communities, including immigration, racism, and Asian American identity.

SOCI 351

Asian American Communities

This course explores how Asian American communities maintain Asian cultures, establish North American cultures, and adapt to American society. Immigration and other demographic trends are discussed, as well as ethnic identity, assimilation patterns, and intergenerational relations.

ASST 200

Cultures of Asia

An introduction to the people and cultures of Asia, emphasizing India, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. The course employs a multimediated approach to learning.

MCGS 324

Religion and America’s Ethnic Minorities

An exploration of the religions which inform America’s ethnic minorities. The historical, cultural, and social experiences and values of Native American, Hispanic American, African American, Pacific Islander, and Asian American ethnic minority groups will be examined.

MCGS 328

Multicultural Health

Ethnic groups in the U.S. face many health problems. This course focuses on those problems which affect the four largest ethnic groups in the U.S.: African Americans, Hispanic Americans, American Indians, and Asian Americans. The effects of history, health beliefs and practices, and socioeconomic status on the health of these ethnic populations are addressed. Current and potential strategies to improve health care delivery to these groups are explored.

ASST 300

Asian Studies: Contemporary Social Problems and Prospects

Study of problems and prospects related to Asia. This course includes a series of in-depth analysis of major issues, current problems, and prospects of Asia. Extensive research, writing, and oral presentations are required.

ASST 399

Special Problems

This course is an independent study of special problems offered for 1.0-3.0 units. You must register directly with a supervising faculty member.

ASST 490

Capstone Course

This variable-content capstone seminar is devoted to the critical reading, evaluation, and discussion of major recent scholarship on Asia. Works are selected from a variety of disciplinary perspectives with an effort to cover several Asian areas (Japan, China, Southeast Asia, South Asia) and to deal with critical issues of the day. Students will lead discussions, evaluate arguments, and write critical essays at a level appropriate to graduating seniors with a major in Asian Studies. Required seminar for majors.


Honors in Asian Studies

Admission to the Honors in the Major program. Honors candidates will write a senior thesis over two semesters on an approved topic related to Asia.