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Faculty and Staff

Name Position Dept Office Phone
Adam K. Demello Staff BUD KNDL 201 x5931
Aiping Zhang Faculty ENGL TAYR 209C x5289
Angela M. Casler Faculty MGMT THMA 440 x4066
Benjoe A. Juliano Faculty CSCI ONCL 415 x4619
Bingzhen Zhang Staff ID SSC 180 x6119
Boahui Song Faculty AGR PLMS 229 x3056
Bow Lee Faculty SCNC 25 Main Street 201D x5675
ChengTu Hsieh Faculty KINE YOLO 277 x4329
Chi-Hung Liao Faculty ECON BUTE 651 x5036
Christi I. Messerschmidt-Yates Faculty SCED HOLT 142 x5515
Chuen H. Hsu Faculty MMEM OCNL 419A x5374
Chunyan Song Faculty SOCI BUTE 625 x4980
Dakuan Sun Faculty MATH HOLT 216 x4107
Dalen T. Chiang Faculty BSIS GLNN 101 x5302
Darnell M. Lee Staff SFIN SSC 230 x6083
Deanna M. Lowe Faculty KINE YOLO 287 x4627
Deborah G. Summers Faculty
EDUC THMA 101 x6421
Dingxin Cheng Faculty
CIVL LANG 209H x5114
Donna E. Warnock Staff
VED SSC 440 x6891
Elbert S. Chan Staff
ECC OCNL 249 x6481
Fay M. Mitchell Brown Faculty
NURS HOLT 326 x3491
Fengxiang Li Faculty
Francie E. Divine Staff VA KNDL 115 x6762
Harish C. Bahl Faculty BSIS THMA 301 x4545
Hede Ma Faculty EECE OCNL 317 x4957
Hsieh-Yuen C. Hsu Faculty FNMK GLNN 205 x6387
Irene Y. Salter Faculty SCED HOLT 146 x6340
Jason S. Smock Staff PROP WH07 106 x6559
Jeff E. Jiang Faculty RECR YOLO 185 x5527
Jimmy Tan-atichat Faculty MMEM OCNL 424 x6142
Jinsong Zhang Faculty CHEM PHSC 323 x5622
John C. South Staff FMS POAD 117 x4135
Johnny Poon Staff ATEC MLIB 010 x4299
Joseph W. Hwang Faculty PHIL TRNT 104 x6693
Keiko Goto Faculty NFSC HOLT 110 x6767
Keiko Tokuda Faculty FLNG TRNT 142 x5481
Kenny K. Chan Faculty FNMK THMA 307 x6564
Kentiner A. David MPP FA SSC 250 x6451
Kijeong Jeon Faculty ARTS AYRS 118 x5491
Kimihiko Nomura Faculty FLNG TRNT 149 x6352
Khihee Song Faculty SWRK BUTE 537 x5590
Leesa V. Huang Faculty PSYC MODC 109 x5164
MaiHoua M. Lo Staff FA SSC 250 x6451
Maria E. Pope Staff BUD KNDL 201 x5104
Masami Toku Faculty ARTS AYRS 125 x6866
Mei Po Vong Staff
Mitchell M. Johns Faculty AGR PLMS 219 x6159
Mohammad R. Asia Faculty NURS HOLT 304 x5336
Monica A. Erickson Staff ATEC MLIB 001E x6112
Nan Li Faculty CMAS THMA 436 x3051
Neelam Bahl Staff BSIS THMA 301 x6283
Nimalan Vimalachandran Staff
Noriyuki Sato Faculty GEOP BUTE 535 x6219
Phyllis T. Yamashita Staff GRAD SSC 460 x5409
Ramesh M. Varahamurti Faculty MMEM OCNL 418 x6353
Raymond Quinto MPP ESYS BUTE 419B x3620
Richard R. Ponarul Faculty
FNMK THMA 459 x6242
Ricky A. Deaver Staff FCP KNDL 110 x3887
RuFang C. Chiang Faculty
AACT GLNN 305 x4451
Sandra K. Machida Faculty
PSYC MODC 219A x4912
Sanjay Dev Faculty
MATH HOLT 219A x4650
Seung Bae Im Faculty
CSCI OCNL 229 x5056
Shekhar Misra Faculty FNMK THMA 465 x6544
Sheraz Khan-Omarzai Faculty PHYS PHSC 122 x5360
Shiela A. Johnson Staff FMS POAD 117 x4135
Shuang Xu Faculty

Teodora C. Delorenzo Faculty POLS BUTE 711 x6478
Terence T. Kato Faculty GEOS PHSC 113 x5807
Thang T. Ho Staff EOP SSC 310 x6831
Tracy M. Lopez Staff ENR SSC 482C x6684
Van W. Alexander Staff ARC SSC 176C x5959
Wai-Hung Wong Faculty PHIL TRNT 103 x5313
Walter D. Sipple Staff UBOX YUBA 101 x4325
Walter W. Lau Staff ITSS MLIB 150 x4357
Xuelie Zou Faculty PHYS PHSC 101 x5584
Ying Yeh Faculty MUSC PAC 219 x6766
Young Cheon Cho Faculty CMAS THMA 434 x3049
Yuichi Handa Faculty MATH HOLT 246 x3907