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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Name Position Dept Office Phone
A. Josie Cline Faculty KINE YOLO 150 x6324
David A. Eaton Jr. Faculty ANTH BUTE 317 x4185
Donna A. Killingsworth Staff KINE YOLO 243 x6373
Heidi C. Erickson Faculty KINE YOLO 244 x6373
James M. Wood Staff ENR SSC 482D x4577
Joshua M. Whittinghill Faculty EOP SSC 310 x6831
Leonard W. Fisk Jr. Faculty CSCI OCNL 210 x5980
Lisa Quinn Faculty CWCT SSC 430 x6345
Marc A. Gabriel Staff

Stephanie L. Poldervaart Staff RELS TRNT 239 x5661
Tamera C. Henricksen Staff UHFS UHFS 114 x6325
Teresa A. Randolph Staff TISD SSC 460F x3333