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Student Services

Accessibility Resource Center

DSS provides a variety of services to university students with temporary and permanent disabilities at no charge. DSS advisors are available to assiststudents with individual accommodations.

Contact: Sandy Parsons
Phone: 530-898-5959

Campus Legal Information Center

CLIC is a collection of programs which serve the community by providing free legal information and referrals, presenting seminars, workshops, and information packets. CLIC is staffed by California State University, Chico student paralegal interns, who in addition to providing free legal information and referrals, provide free legal representation to clients in administrative law forums. CLIC provides legal information, not advice, as we are not attorneys.

Phone: 530-898-4354

The Career Center

The Career Center provides assistance in career development, choosing majors, preparing resumes and other application materials, graduate school search,and career search.

Contact: Jamie Starmer
Phone: 530-898-5253

Chico Student Success Center

The Chico Student Success Center (CSSC) is a collaborative, student development program with a decade of successful diversity recruitment and retention experiences. The CSSC serves Low Income students in an effort to create and support a successful college experience while attending CSU, Chico.

Contact: Bertha Alicia Curiel
Phone: 530-898-6783

Counseling and Wellness Center

The campus Wellness Center, CWC, was founded in 1992. Its purpose is to promote holistic, healthy lifestyles and well-being among CSU, Chico students. Its mission is to maximize individual choices and responsibility for one’s own well-being and lifestyle. By raising awareness, the CWC enhances the opportunity for change and the potential to eliminate unhealthy, self-defeating behaviors.

Phone: 530-898-6345

The Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

The Center exists to create an environment in which all students, regardless of their ethnicity, culture, or differences, feel safe and respected. Through leadership development, cultural awareness, community education, and the creation of a constructive social change, the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center will contribute a positive, enriching, and memorable life experience to every student of CSU, Chico and its surrounding community.

Contact: CC Carter
Phone: 530-898-4101

Education Opportunity Programs

The mission of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is to provide access and support services to first-generation students who are economically, educationally, and/or environmentally disadvantaged, but display the potential to succeed in post-secondary education and to assist the University in the matriculation, retention, and graduation of EOP students.

Contact: Chris Malone
Phone: 530-898-6831

Financial Aid

Financial aid enables students to gain access to higher education who would not otherwise be able to attend without the assurance that their basic financial needs will be addressed.

Contact: Casey Dinsmore
Phone: 530-898-6451

Student Health Center

Student Health Service assists each student in their diverse healthcare needs in order to facilitate maximum academic and personal growth.

Contact: Cathy Feliz
Phone: 530-898-5241

Student Judicial Affairs

Student Judicial Affairs ensures that students have a supportive environment and a fair process for resolving grievances with faculty, staff, and administration. For student behavior, SJA also promotes student success by upholding university standards on one hand and holding students accountable for their actions on the other.

Contact: Lisa Root
Phone: 530-898-6897

Student Learning Center

The Student Learning Center offers a variety of programs and resources to meet the needs of every student. Tutoring and study skills workshops are offered.

Contact: Christine Connerly
Phone: 530-898-6839

Student Life and Leadership

The Student Life and Leadership Office is dedicated to supporting student activities, student organizations, and fraternities and sororities.

Contact: CC Carter
Phone: 530-898-5396

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Program exposes students to experience and perspective that they will not get in the U.S. and can strengthen a resume.

Contact: Tasha Dev
Phone: 530-898-5415

University Housing and Food Service

Provides safe, secure, clean and reasonably priced residential environments conducive to the academic and personal development of the student.

Contact: Kristen McPeak
Phone: 530-898-6325

Office of Veteran Affairs

Our primary mission is to help veterans, reservists, and dependents of disabled or deceased veterans to receive educational benefits. On these pages you will find information about GI Bill payments, other valuable resources at Chico State, a quick reference sheet for other veteran services, and a page devoted to current veterans issues. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our site, and we welcome your questions and comments.

Contact: Larry Langwell
Phone: 530-898-5911