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Consejos Project

The campus sponsored the Chicano/Latino Empowerment Retreat in February 2009 to build relationships within the Chicano/Latino community. One of the ideas that came out of that weekend was for graduating seniors to write a letter to incoming Chicano/Latino students.

Graduating seniors have been asked to consider what they wished they had known when they were a new student at Chico State.

  • What advice would you give?
  • What landmines should new students avoid?
  • What resources should they take advantage of?

When you're ready, please send an e-mail to or click on the link below to submit your letter.

We will post these letters here, on the Office of Diversity Web site, and notify all incoming Chicano/Latino students that these letters exist so they can benefit from your experience. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the next generation!

Chicano/Latino Council