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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Clubs & Organizations

Asian Christian Fellowships

Serve one another by demonstrating God's love and concern for people. We build friendships and plan activities throughout the semester. We are driven to the purpose of telling the good news of Jesus to those who don't know him.

Contact: Jim Postma (Advisor)

Delta Xi Phi Sorority

A multicultural sorority that strives for women in higher education and is based on community service, sisterhood, and friendship.

Contact: Nandi Crosby (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-4646
Website: in new window)

Epsilon Sigma Rho Fraternity

Epsilon Sigma Rho is a fraternity that helps every ethnicity and culture, so that someday we all respect one another as a person regardless of ones race, color, and religious beliefs.

Contact: Tray Robinson (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-4764
Website: in new window)

Filipino American Student Organization (FASO)

To promote and educate the CSU, Chico students, faculty, and the surrounding community of Chico about the Filipino culture and customs.

Contact: Caren Fernandez (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-6831

Hmong Student Association

HSA was established to promote awareness of the Hmong culture and traditions. We, as students, shall provide services and information to all institutions and communities.

Contact: MaiHoua Lo (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-6444

Indian Student Association (ISA)(opens in new window)

Association of students of Indian origin.

Contact: Ramesh Varahamurthi (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-5346

Iu-Mien Student Association

The purpose of this organization shall be to reconnect the Mien community at California State University, Chico. The organization will serve as a venue for Mien students to affiliate with one another and educate others about the culture. We will be involved in working with the community to promote academic

Contact: Dr. Jean L. Schuldberg (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-4187

Japanese Animation Club(opens in new window)

The Japanese Animation Club was created with the intent of exposing Chico students to one aspect of Japanese culture.

Contact: Kimihiko Nomura (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-6352

Lambda Sigma Gamma Sorority

Multicultural sorority who stresses sisterhood and the importance of academics. We are involved with community service throughout Chico, and have fundraisers and socials as well.

Contact: Tracy Butts (Advisor)

Muslim Student Association

MSA is a non-profit organization that serves the needs of Muslim students on campus. MSA welcomes students of all nations to come and join us.

Contact: Mahan Mirza (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-3088

Pacific Islander Connection

Contact: Megan Kurtz (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-6831

Pakistan Student Organization

Pakistan Students Association is the one and only organization representing Pakistanis in Chico. Our objective is to gather them on one platform and organize events.

Contact: Nasim Jawed (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-5386

Palestine Solidarity

Contact: Mahan Mirza (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-3088

Persian Cultural Association

Contact: Farshad Azad (Advisor)
Phone: 530-521-2923

Sigma Omega Phi Social Sorority

We are a multicultural sorority who believes in opening minds through culture, education, and unity.

Contact: Cecilia Santillan Robles (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-6831

Sikh Student Organization

Contact: CC Carter (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-4101

Southeast Asian Student Organization

Ethnic organization promoting diversity and cultural awareness among students.

Contact: Rob Burton (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-6568

Sri Lankan Student Association

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote harmonious co-operation and interaction between the Sri Lankan students at Chico State.

Contact: Rapti de Silva (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-5767

Taiwanese Student Association (TSA)

A gathering of Asian students to celebrate special occasions such as Chinese new year. We also assist new Taiwanese students in Chico and have cultural exchange with students from other countries.

Contact: Katherine Punteney (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-5408

Upsilon Kappa Delta Multicultural Sorority

Contact: Sara Cooper (Advisor)
Phone: 530-898-5161

For more clubs and organizations geared towards students, see Diverse Clubs & Organizations.