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Jewish Resources

This page provides an introduction to campus and community resources for members of the Jewish community. Visit the EDI office for more information.

Clubs & Connections

Chico Hillel 
Chico Hillel’s mission is to cultivate students’ personal and professional growth, wellness, and Jewish identity, through authentic social and cultural experiences. Chico Hillel aims to enrich the lives of all members while providing a safe and welcoming space as a home away from home for Jewish students.

Hillel/Jewish Student Union
Hillel/Jewish Student Union is an on-campus social club for Jewish students who want to meet other Jews, have fun, celebrate the Holidays together, further their education about their Jewish heritage and learn about Israel, the Peace Process, study or work programs available in Israel and much, much more

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View our curated Jewish course list to see some of the classes you can take to learn more about the community.

Selected Off-Campus Resources

  • Chico Havurah
    Seeks to create a community focused on the spirit of traditions rather than rigid religious observation. This reconstructionist congregation is spiritually, liturgically, and socially progressive.

  • Congregation Beth Isreal
    Strives to be both a house of worship and a community center for Jewish life and is dedicated to the principle of Klal Yisreal, the unity of the Jewish people. Welcomes people of all backgrounds as well as interfaith couples and those exploring Judaism.

  • Rohr Chabad Jewish Center
    Blends traditional values with modern day techniques to help Jews appreciate their roots and pridefully identity with their Judaism. Open to all, regardless of affiliation and background.

Students pose in front of a Chico Hillel sign at an event. One student is wearing a tank top that reads, Party with Jews