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American Indian Courses

AIST 170: Introduction to American Indian Studies
Introduction to socio-cultural development of the American Indian in modern times and the background for present-day conditions. Attention given to contemporary Indian affairs and problems.

AIST 230: The American Indian
A history of the Indian in North America, development of Indian culture, Indian-white relations, the disruption of the Indian way of life, wars, assimilation, and Indian culture in a Caucasian world.

AIST 252: American Indian Literature
Study of the oral and written literature of the American Indian and of related historical and critical materials.

AIST 261: North American Indians
Survey of Native North America with an emphasis on U.S. indigenous peoples. Diverse traditional cultures, rituals, languages, interrelationships, and economic and social institutions are examined as informed by archaeological and ethnographic data, in addition to native perspectives. Culture continuity, adaptation, and change in a post-contact period are featured.

AIST 362W: California Indians
Native peoples of California: their origin, prehistory, languages, and pre-contact cultural practices, such as subsistence, settlement, socio-political organization, and ceremony, with the local area highlighted. Interactions with Europeans are also discussed. Emphasis is placed on the archaeological and ethnographic records.

AIST 398: Special Topics
Typically the topic is offered on a one-time-only basis and may vary from term to term and be different for different sections. See the Class Schedule for the specific topic being offered.

AIST 410: Contemporary North American Indian Issues and Identities
This course provides an in-depth exploration of current issues in contemporary American Indian communities, and focuses on relevance to local and regional tribes in Northern California. Topics might include ecology; traditional culture and linguistic revitalization; gender and sexuality; social and cultural movements; health and wellness; and education.

AIST 425: American Indian Sovereignty and U.S. Federal Law
This course explores the concept of inherent sovereignty, traces the development of U.S. Federal Indian Law through landmark cases, and analyze the Federal-Tribal relationship today - especially within the state of California. Topics may include settler colonialism, Citizenship/(Dis)Enrollment & Recognition; Land-Allotment, Reorganization, Tribal Property, Land Management, Land Use Rights and SEQA; Gaming; Cultural Sovereignty; and Gender and Sexuality. This course is a combination of lecture, film screenings, discussion, research, writing, and engagement with the community.