Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Navigating Difficult Dialogue

Difficult Conversations: Strategies for Civil Discourse (PDF)

Planning - Facilitating - Managing

Dream Student Resources

The CSU Chico Dream Student Resources website includes links to the most current post-election information for students who are undocumented, or from mixed-status families.

Managing Conflict in the Classroom (PDF)

University classrooms are, ideally, spaces where we challenge and encourage each other to expand our thinking. How can we support this effort?

Navigating Difficult Dialogues

Resources to assist in developing our skills to navigate our interpersonal interactions

Our Democracy

Toolkits for engaging in constructive dialogue, tips for inclusive pedagogy, and both on- and off-campus resources for our community, as well as upcoming events focused on civic engagement.

Primer on Hostile Environment (PDF)

Responding to a hostile environment

Resources to support our Undocumented Students

Speak Up Against Bias (PDF)

A resource to respond to everyday stereotypes and bias