Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


2015–16 Diversity Goals per department/office in the Division of Student Affairs

Academic Advising


  1. Hire a diverse array of paraprofessional and professional staff in the department
  2. Ensure staff on hiring committees participate in unconscious bias training
  3. Recruit & Hire a professional advisor(s) to focus outreach to first generation students not in a formal support group
  4. Assess & make necessary accommodations to Ensure physical space within the department provides equitable experiences for all student Examine the how HSI status informs the work in advising and expand support for traditionally underserved populations
  5. Create opportunities for advising staff to participate campus wide in activities and events which support the diverse needs of students, faculty and staff a. Ongoing:
  6. Provide opportunity for all professional staff members to participate in either the diversity certificate program or the diversity academy
  7. Continue to Provide staff time to facilitate liaison relationships with student support services within student Affairs
  8. Continue to expand Spanish Language offerings in all avenues of advising related orientation activities
  9. Provide personnel and relative curriculum (Spanish translation) for the Spanish Language Parent program offered through Summer orientation
  10. Explore enhancing "on-the road" express orientations to include a Parent component in Spanish.

Accessibility Resource Center

  1. Reduce the existing achievement gaps between underrepresented and non-represented students. Intentional outreach to underrepresented students with co-existing disabilities to increase the number of these students served by ARC.
  2. Continue intentional outreach to transfer students with disabilities by strengthening transition services. Increase six year graduation rates for students with disabilities/transfer students from 56% to 63%
  3. Develop an alternative welcome on the ARC website using ASL and other alternative languages.

Associated Students

Here are the 2015-16 AS Diversity Goals. Rec Sports will be joining our goals this year instead of Student Life and Leadership since we share a facility. I will be reporting for each of us and following up with Kimberly.

  1. CAVE: CAVE will be focusing on recruitment to diverse groups on campus. We will be intentional in reaching out to student groups in our volunteer recruitment during the first three weeks of school. We will continue our focus as we recruit for our new program, Weekend Wildcat. The Weekend Wildcat Program is designed to provide opportunities for CSU, Chico Students to volunteer on a one-time basis with a variety of local agencies. The Weekend Wildcat Program will offer a series of service projects throughout the semester. The volunteers for these projects can be from the general population or we can work with a specific student group to find a project tailored to their interests. Since this is a new program, we would be successful with just one pairing of a specific student group with a local non-profit agency.
  2. WREC/Rec. sports: The WREC and Recreational Sports will be focusing efforts to reduce the stigma of mental health by collaborating with the Counseling Center and developing programming that supports students in these areas.
  3. GSEC: We've been really happy with our recent efforts paying off in terms of diversity. The last three semesters, we've had more than 60 percent of our interns be people of color (about 3/4 this semester), 5 male interns this semester, 4 trans/gnc folks this semester, and a much better representation of people with working class/lower socioeconomic backgrounds. We just announced the creation of a Trans Program in the spring which was a demanding process. We're also happy that both conferences this semester are focusing on cultural/ethnic differences among women and LGBTQ+ people. Given that, our goals would include continuing the intentional outreach that has brought about these changes, having more diverse survivor experiences represented in Take Back the Night, and being more mindful of disability accessibility barriers at our events.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Currently the Athletic Department has four immediate areas of focus as it relates to diversity, these are:

  1. To incorporate more inclusive language within our publications, literature, and daily culture in our halls and practice areas.
  2. Provide educational opportunities to all members and staff to discuss, define, and explore diversity with our department and teams.
  3. Poster Series (Directed by SAAC). Acquired from conference grant funding with the objective on diversity. "Language Matters" initiative.
  4. Program review: Built off current and future release of student learning outcomes. This will include the campus WASC accreditation process.

Career Center

The Diversity Goals for the Career Center are:

  1. 100% attendance for the student staff to attend Diversity training
  2. Setup a complete ergonomic review with EHS for all furniture available to users of the Career Center

Counseling and Wellness

  1. By the end of Spring, 2016, both front desk staff members will participate in either the Diversity Certificate program or Diversity Academy.
  2. By Spring 2016, all CWC counselors will complete Safe Zone training.
  3. By Spring, 2016, all CWC staff will develop a personal diversity statement and identify diversity-related professional goals for 2016-2017.

Educational Opportunity Program


  1. Increase admission #s for black students ( male & female). (SSS/EOP)
  2. Increase Second Year Success efforts (progress made) Increase programming (EOP)
  3. Provide more support for international students and student writing from various disciplines. (SLC) UB 1. Increase diversity of students from certain target schools 2. Create recruitment video that is visually representative of our diverse staff and students ETS Waiting to hear

Financial Aids and Scholarship

Financial Aid and Scholarship Office Diversity Goals:

  1. Continue local outreach to high school students within underrepresented groups.
  2. Strive towards 100% FASO Diversity Certification and/or Academy
  3. Encourage FASO staff to participate in on-campus diversity training, discussions, workshops.

Health Center

  1. Have materials associated with the Student Health Center reflect and support diversity
  2. Increase the diversity of applications being received for open positions
  3. Translate Student Health Center written materials and the Student Health Center website into other languages- Spanish, Hmong, etc.
  4. Support an environment that fosters retention of diverse staff My personal goal for the Student Health Center is to bring a diversity training of some sort (ally/diversity/personal bias/etc.) to our winter retreat.


  1. Continue to pursue, through housing fee increase, the implementation of a housing grant for under-represented, economically disadvantaged students.
  2. Continue to integrate diversity and multiculturalism into co-curricular activities for residents.
  3. Bring campus resources to residents, and conduct focus groups to define which programs are needed and in what ways to bring them.

Office of Admissions

  1. Biggest goals for me/admissions is getting out and meeting/communicating with as many offices as possible to let them know what we are doing and to find out more about them.
  2. Continuing to grow our outreach and marketing relative to diversity through the Pipeline through College
  3. Meeting with the colleges to help them with their recruitment, consulting with International and using Cappex’s College Greenlight to help us match with students who are looking for a University like Chico State.

Office of Diversity & Inclusion

  1. Develop a 1st Generation Ally Program as an opportunity for our 1st generation students to be able to identify (for mentorship and support) faculty and staff who are also 1st generation.
  2. Collaboration with UPD and Chico PD to foster healthy conversations with members of our underrepresented populations about issues surrounding racial profiling and safety.
  3. Partner with Enterprise Rental as an opportunity to develop an annual etiquette workshop for underrepresented men on our campus community.

Office of the Registrar

Office goals:

  1. Continue to have our staff attend diversity trainings
  2. Continue to convert our forms to multiple languages
  3. Continue to provide Spanish, ASL and Arabic translations for people who call and come into our office
  4. Create and implement a workshop for student veteran’s to ensure their military credit applies to their degree

Student Judicial Affairs

  1. Have all members of SJA participate in some form of diversity training and/or complete the diversity certificate program. Included in this goal is diversity training for the SJA staff from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
  2. Configure the office environment to be reflective of our diversity values and be a welcoming space for all members of the campus community.
  3. Have SJA staff participate in trainings with campus departments that represent diversity on campus, such as international programs, EOP, Cross Cultural Leadership, and others.
  4. This would also involve additional training for staff relating to international students and specialized student groups, such as veterans and LGBTQ community.
  5. Translate the most critical, operative documents used in SJA into Spanish and look to have such translation available on the SJA website. Initially these documents would include the "Fact Sheet," "Notice of Inquiry," and the "Release Form." Ongoing assessment of students using our office in relation to creating forms in other languages, continued updates to our website, translation services for phone contact. In addition to Spanish, continue to analyze whether or not it would be beneficial and cost effective to incorporate other languages such as Hmong and Arabic into SJA communications.

Student Life and Leadership

Student Life and Leadership Diversity Goals 2015-2016 The department of Student Life and Leadership (SLL) values and respects the richness that diversity brings. As a result, the following goals and objectives have been determined to further increase the empowerment, education, visibility and retention of diversity with the area of SLL.

  1. Develop an extensive Ally training curriculum focusing on topics impacting traditionally marginalized populations that is designed to empower faculty/staff and students to understand best practices for effectively supporting diversity efforts on campus and in the community.
  2. Create a volunteer leadership team, advised by a lead student staff member within the CCLC that is designed to provide students of color with an opportunity to gain practical leadership and programming skills by implementing small-scale programs within the Center.
  3. Enhance relationship with re-entry students. We are providing support in the upcoming Spring Transfer fair.
  4. Activate Wildcat Sync Card Swipe – Card swipe will allow us to track demographics of students served through our programming.
  5. Enhance cultural club’s web presence – we are creating Wildcat Sync websites for all cultural organizations. We hope to help cultural clubs better use Wildcat Sync.
  6. Have instructions in multiple languages in the office (Hmong and Spanish)
  7. Having forms in multiple languages in the office (Hmong and Spanish)
  8. Getting the SLL website to have a few different languages as well. (Hmong and Spanish)
  9. Have Diversity Training for involvement coordinators within the SLL staff.
  10. Increasing the cross-cultural relationships between the Multicultural Greek Council and Interfraternity Council by providing additional programmatic opportunities to connect.
  11. Provide educational training and discussion on men and masculinity issues within the Interfraternity Council.


  1. We are committed to increasing the probability/impact of positions being posted to reach a broad and diverse candidacy pool, the division will be more intentional with postings and advertisements
  2. Currently our positions can be found in the following publications to reach the broadest audience:
  3. Weekly meetings with NUFP members and other students who express an interest in Student Affairs as a profession
  4. Financially assisting students with their participation in NASPA conference
  5. Thoroughly reviewing graduate school option with students and assisting with the application process
  6. Assisting with personal statements
  7. Researching graduate, teaching, and research assistantships
  8. Working with students to determine fit as it pertains to graduate programs
  9. Assisting students with summer residencies
  10. For the second year, we are sponsoring two NUFP interns at CSU Chico
  11. Support the new position of Asst. Director of HSI Initiatives This position is dedicated to acquiring and maintaining HSI status
  12. Support the retention and graduation rates of underrepresented students
  13. Continue to work towards creating a division that is more reflective of student population
  14. Continue to encourage a healthy discussion regarding issues surrounding diversity, staff development and administrative leadership
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