Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

University Diversity Council

The University Diversity Council (UDC), led by the Chief Diversity Officer and made up of California State University, Chico staff, faculty, and students, was established in fall 2014. In aligning our mission and goals with Chico State's strategic priorities, the University and UDC are committed to fostering dynamic, high-quality and inclusive learning environments both within and outside of the classroom.

Recognizing that diversity of thought and lived experiences constitute the central and core values ​​of the Academy, and that a robust and thriving democracy depend centrally on these ideals, it is critical that these values ​​manifest in all aspects of our work. As such, the UDC is committed to engaging diverse, intercultural, and intersectional viewpoints and identities to encourage and promote an atmosphere that allows all individuals to attain their greatest potential and achieve the greatest benefits from our Chico State campus community.

The campus community encompasses a spectrum of identities, beginning with the Mechoopda land where Chico State sits to the global family that the University embraces. The UDC seeks to inquire about and address challenges and opportunities that further the University's position as a change agent working towards an equal and equitable society.

The UDC will engage on- and off-campus partners in order to provide recommendations to University Executive Leadership for implementation.

Contact Information

For questions or concerns, please contact the University Diversity Council Executive Team at udiversitycet@csuchico.edu.