Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


UDC Membership will include faculty, staff and student representatives from the divisions of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Business and Finance, University Advancement, and Associated Students. View full membership as outlined in EM 21-024.


Portrait of Joseph Morales
Joseph Morales
Portrait of Susan Green
Susan Green
Portrait of Yvette Zúñiga
Yvette Zúñiga
Portrait of Michelle Morris
Michelle Morris
  • Faculty Diversity Officer, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
    Faculty, Nutrition and Food Science
Portrait of Kate Post
Kate Post
Portrait of Vicky Junco
Vicky Junco
Portrait of Christian Sullivan
Christian Sullivan
Portrait of Teresita Curiel
Teresita Curiel
Portrait of Mahalley Allen
Mahalley Allen
Portrait of Cindy Vang
Cindy Vang
Portrait of Max Cordeiro
Max Cordeiro
Portrait of Cirilo Cortez
Cirilo Cortez
Portrait of Jennifer Gruber
Jennifer Gruber
Portrait of Jamie Clyde
Jamie Clyde
Portrait of Holly Hunt
Holly Hunt
Portrait of Cecilia Santillan-Robles
Cecilia Santillan-Robles
Portrait of Monique Senze
Monique Senze
Portrait of Juni Banerjee-Stevens
Juni Banerjee-Stevens
  • Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Portrait of Jeff Trailer
Jeff Trailer
  • Professor, Management
    Academic Senate Chair
Portrait of Seema Sehrawat
Seema Sehrawat
  • Chief of Staff, Office of the President
Portrait of Seya Lumeya
Seya Lumeya
Portrait of Ozgul Yasar
Ozgul Yasar
  • Associate Professor, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing
Portrait of Thang Ho
Thang Ho
  • Associated Students Information Technology
Portrait of Snow Sun
Snow Sun
  • International Outreach and Grad Admissions Specialist, International Education and Global Engagement
Portrait of Tang Lor
Tang Lor
  • Public Affairs/Communication Specialist, Humanities and Fine Arts
Portrait of Dawn Frank
Dawn Frank
  • Senior Director, Student Learning Center
Portrait of Sheryl Woodward
Sheryl Woodward
  • Associate Vice President, Human Resources Service Center
Portrait of Kristen Curtis
Kristen Curtis
  • Manager, Human Resources Service Center
Portrait of Sharon Barrios
Sharon Barrios
Portrait of Tricia Douthit
Tricia Douthit