Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Black Lives Matter

You Belong Here; Racism Doesn't graphic

To our black students, faculty, staff, and alumni: We hear you. We see you. We stand with you. You belong at Chico State—racism doesn’t.

This summer, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony Dade, and others joined a far-reaching list of African American people killed, beaten, or harassed by law enforcement, as well as at the hands of others for more than 400 years.

As communities erupt in protest across the country calling for justice and an end to institutional racism, we echo those calls. Together, we can effect progressive social change. View resources to educate, donate, and take action now.

The current civil unrest reminds us that social inequities run deep in our country. We must strive to understand and put an end to them and remain committed to building and fostering inclusive communities of excellence.


While the University has and continues to address equity, diversity, and inclusion on our campus (view actions planned for 2020–21), here are some key actions related specifically to anti-racism and issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement that are already in progress. 

Selected Actions Promoting an Anti-Racist University





Engage the campus community to ensure that University Police Department policies and practices are inclusive and representative of all members of our community, without bias or racism, and align with the University’s strategic priorities by May 2021.

Fall 2020 

President's Task Force

In Progress

Implement an academic program-level and course-level "equity scorecard" for general education program assessment.

Fall 2018 

Curriculum Advisory Board

In Progress

Use this year's Book in Common, Ibram X. Kendi's How to be an Anti-Racist to deepen campus conversations by encouraging widespread campus readership through course integrations, fac/staff book clubs, events, etc.

 Spring 2020

Book in Common Committee

In Progress

Present recommendations to Cabinet for improving Chico State grades on Harper and Simmons’ "Black Students at Public Colleges and Universities—A 50-State Report Card"

 Fall 2019

University Diversity Council

In Progress

Evaluate options for increased anti-racism training for students and provide recommendations to Cabinet by December 2020.

 Spring 2018

University Diversity Council

In Progress

Invest $29,000 in grant funds to promote hiring and retention of diverse faculty

 Fall 2019

Academic Affairs

In Progress

Updated: August 17, 2020

View additional University actions to address anti-racism (Google Sheet).

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