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Distributed Learning Technologies

March 5, 2015: BBLearn Maintenance

Standard maintenance window is 5:00 – 8:00 AM every Thursday. BBLearn may be unavailable during this window.

Installed Cumulative Update 3 for BBLearn April 2014 release

Resolved issues:

  • Change Tool to Include IMS Exports
  • Multiple Areas Showing 508 Errors
  • Crocodoc does not Display inline using Proxy
  • Collaborate Web Conferencing Session User Search Shows All System Users
  • jspResourceIncludeUtil is Disabled Error when Clicking on Set Up Web Folder in Course Files
  • ExtendedDataMapping Causes poor Performance
  • Slow System Performance when Large Amounts of Brands are in Use
  • High Latency and High Database Connection Causing Extreme Slowness
  • Multiple app crashes due to PermGen exhaustion
  • Daily Digest Notification Delivery Fails when the Distribution Task Encounters any Exception
  • Top Frame Background Image does not Show in the Global Navigation Menu
  • A Blank Page is Displayed when Sending Email using All Users Option to a Large User Set
  • Send Email Subject Field Contains Course ID Instead of Course Name
  • Could not Write to Private Store when Student Assignment Submissions are Submitted Simultaneously
  • Version Store Cleanup does not Occur and TempDB Grows Beyond 70 Percent
  • All Modules have - Please wait while module loads...- Message After Upgrade
  • Issue opening HTML CSS page on Android
  • Learning Module Hierarchy Display Setting is Ignored after Applying Cumulative Update
  • Looking to Improve Performance of Specific SQL if possible
  • Application Threads Exhausted Immediately Following Services Restart
  • Instructors Cannot Enroll Users in Courses when Privilege to Change User Role is Restricted

Installed Social Learning B2 update

  • Required for compatibility with CU3.