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Distributed Learning Technologies

May 21, 2015: BBLearn Maintenance

In order to install the October 2014 release, we performed a slightly longer maintenance window, from 4:15 AM to 8:00 AM. Release notes for the service pack and its associated updates are included for reference.

October 2014 Service Pack

This is a service pack release for Blackboard Learn.

Resolved issues include:

  • Learning Module Hierarchy Display setting is ignored after applying Cumulative Update
  • Anonymous Assignment shows Marks and Feedback when saved as Draft
  • Time Elapsed is not displayed on test submission page
  • Error when attempting to view SCORM content through Student Preview
  • Missing config file WEB-INF/dwr-open.xml when accessing page that does not exist
  • Open in new window for assessment does not close
  • Vague error displayed when decimal value set in course quota
  • Date Manager edit dates does not change dates while using 24H time format
  • Collaborate Building Block Version 4.6 will not Install
  • Single course user participation report produces empty file
  • Textbook Building Block: new URL feature is not pulling URL, shows code variable
  • Discussion message file attachment names over 124 characters cause error during course archive

Cumulative Update 1 for October 2014 Service Pack

This is an update for the BBLearn's October 2014 service pack.

Resolved issues include:

  • Course Links that Link to Assignments Generate Access Denied Errors
  • Unable to Print More than One Page of a Student Grade Report
  • When There are 2098 Courses in Terms Searching Causes an Error
  • Downloaded Excel from Grade Center do not Match Weighted Totals in Grade Center
  • Create Obvious Reminder in Learn UI when B2 is updated and a restart is necessary
  • Unable to access and list courses after oct2014 upgrade
  • ActiveMQ Causing High Load/Garbage Collection Causing Repeated App Crashes

Alerts B2 update

What's New In Version 9.7.1142336

This version resolves:

  • My Blackboard Updates Tool Does Not Display Update Details

Assessments B2 update

What's New In Version 10.6.1161223

This version resolves:

  • Unable to Download Survey Results if Student that Took the Survey is Disabled in the Course

Blackboard Mobile B2 update

What's New In Version 94.7.0

New Features

  • Bb Student -- Improves enrollments API to display course grades
  • Bb Student -- Improves CourseData API to display course grades

Resolved Issues

  • Bb Grader -- Resolves an issue that prevented users from viewing Crocodoc attachments
  • Bb Student - Improves stream related API to enable the display of correct descriptions and titles

Cloud Profiles B2 update

What's New In Version 3.9.1

Resolved Issue:

  • bb-services-log.txt displays the following error on Learn instances: "Failed calling getAdministrativeProfile on a tool (ignoring)"

Data Integration B2 update

What's New In Version 1.2.1146010

This version resolves:

  • Users who are Enrolled in Multiple Child Courses of the Same Parent Course Cause Issues when SIS is Run

Discussions B2 update

What's New In Version 10.6.1161638

This version resolves:

  • Expand All Button does not Work in Discussion Boards with more than 11 Replies
  • Scrolling the Page of Discussion Board does not Allow Messages to Load

Global Safe HTML Filter B2 update

What's New In Version 9.3.1142754

This version resolves:

  • Security vulnerability could allow elevation of privilege

Group Manager B2 update

What's New In Version 1.4.1140249

This version resolves:

  • Group Import Access Denied

Inline Grading B2 update

What's New In Version 1.5.1144259

This version resolves:

  • Comments Cannot be Added to Graded Journal or Blog

Partner Cloud B2 update

What's New In Version 1.5.201410942

The following updates were made for the April 2015 Update Release:

  • As of the April 2015 Partner Cloud release, the minimum required version of the Partner Cloud Building Block is version 691.
  • New periodic checks for the cloud connection: updates are made to the status of the Building Block based on the status check results. In the unlikely event that connectivity to the Partner Cloud is compromised the Building Block will recognize that condition and temporarily stop attempting to communicate with the cloud. This reduces the performance strain that repeated web service failures can cause on a Learn instance. Once the Building Block has recognized an outage, it will periodically attempt to reestablish communication with the Partner Cloud. If the outage proves to be long running, e.g. the Learn instance has been moved behind a firewall, Building Block will proactively dial back the frequency with which it attempts to reestablish communication with the cloud.
  • Extended localization support
  • Corrected issue impacting the order of partners within the Commercial Content partner selection page. Partners will appear in alphabetical order.
  • Expanded options for sites enabling partners based on multi-tenancy options. The new options are Institutional Role and User Attributes which include values for Company, Job Title and Department. For User Attribute values, the values are entered as free form text. Therefore, it is recommended that system administrators review existing values and minimize any duplicates that have been created.
  • Academic Materials price information is now designated as "Estimated Price."
  • Corrected issue where the partner description for Course Tools section of the tools page does not display for students.
  • When a course has no partners paired, the Commercial Content Tools option will now be unavailable to students.
  • The User Privacy Information message now includes the user profile image (if available and not hidden) will be shared with the selected partner.
  • Additional messaging is provided to system administrators to ensure proper cloud connection is in place.
  • When accessing a partner integration outside of a course, such as in the context of a module, the access will be validated based on the Partner Cloud multi-tenancy settings. A user will only be allowed access for a partner when they are enrolled in at least one course which has been granted access to that partner.
  • For specific partner integrations, the partner may now allow the system administrator to choose to create a partner module. For these applicable partners, within their partner specific settings page, the system administrator will be select the option to create the partner module. This will create all the pre-defined modules designated by the partner. For each new module created, the module availability will be set to available by default. However, the module(s) will not add the module to any tabs or course.
  • System Administrators now have an updated UI for designated partner availability through the Partner Cloud Settings
  • Corrected issue where Academic Materials did not provide the appropriate course context for launches within a course.
  • Updated the Academic Materials launch to respect the partner selection for new window vs. the existing Learn window.
  • When a new partner is available for instructors, new indicators now appear with the Partner Content Commercial Content option and within the Commercial Content partner selection page. Indicators only appear for a partner one time and only for the first course selecting Commercial Content.
  • User information will now be shared to the partner system if the system administrator selects to share user information on the partner specific settings page and the default Partner Cloud setting is set to "Never". The partner specific settings page will take precedence over the default Partner Cloud setting value.

Retention Center B2 update

What's New In Version 1.8.1145072

This version resolves:

  • Deadlocks Stemming from COURSE_USERS_RM and COURSE_USERS_CR Procedures

Social Profiles and Tools B2 update

What's New In Version 3.9.1

Resolved Issue:

  • bb-services-log.txt displays the following error on Learn instances: "Failed calling getAdministrativeProfile on a tool (ignoring)"

Software Updates B2 update

What's New In Version 3.9.2

Resolved Issue:

  • LTI launch fails due to missing oauth_consumer_key