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Distributed Learning Technologies

January 14, 2016: BBLearn Maintenance

Standard maintenance window is 5:00 – 8:00 AM every Thursday. BBLearn may be unavailable during this window.

Took BBLearn offline to install OS and DB kernel patches.

Blackboard Collaborate B2 update

What's New In Version 4.8.1172511


  • Added information to Collaborate B2 Administration screens notifying Administrators to contact Blackboard Support for assistance enabling Collaborate with the Ultra Experience
  • Fixed missing translations for text within Collaborate B2 Administration screens
  • Fixed an incorrect message being displayed when launching a Collaborate session recording using a Guest Link
  • Usernames are now auto-populated for users upon launching a Collaborate session from within Blackboard Learn
  • Fixed an issue causing enrolled students to be launched into Collaborate session as Guests
  • Fixed an issue requiring Collaborate session participants to enter their names twice

Blackboard Mobile Services B2 update

What's New In Version 94.7.6

Announcement Details:

Blackboard is pleased to announce the release of the Mobile Web Services Building Block, version 94.7.6, for Blackboard Learn.  Version 94.7.6 resolves many issues with Bb Student 1.2 and Learn.

Bb Student Resolved Issues

  • Courses with embedded images fail to load
  • Activity stream fails to load
  • Course meta data extraction results in slow loading of courses

Additional Resolved Issues

  • Refinement of error logging that decreases load spikes
  • Large amount of database connections that result in high CPU and memory usage

Known Issues

  • No known issues have been found

Caliper B2 update

What's New In Version 1.4.1167375

This version resolves:

  • Problems Calling Function bbClp:getInstrumentBundleString Error when Editing a Response Period for an Enterprise Survey.

iClicker B2 update

What’s New In Version 5.3.4


  • I>clicker GO is removed from the remote registration page
  • Changes to email message for unregistered clickers

Fixed Defects:

  • Students cannot register remote using a guest login.
  • Instructors navigate to instructor reports page instead of select instructor tools when clicking cancel button on instructor reports settings page.
  • Fixed typos in admin settings.

Known Issues:

  • Removing remote registrations from the Instructor Reports causes a refresh issue where the report appears completely empty until a new report is generated through the report settings.

NBC Learn B2 update

What’s New In Version 4.0.4

This version resolves:

  • Users returning from NBC to BBLearn will always be returned to a course tools page, even if it has been disabled, which can cause errors.

Retention Center B2 update

What's New In Version 1.8.1170622

This version resolves:


PeopleSoft integration update

Updating PeopleSoft integration scripts:

  • Stop automatic processing of daily snapshots (use hourly updates, instead)
  • Processing usernames from LDAP query
  • Installed support libraries for LDAP query
  • Removes a dependency on Data Warehouse systems

Kaltura KAF configuration change

Multiple users have reported that Kaltura media galleries are failing to display some videos, due to a bug in Kaltura’s “endless scrolling” feature. Admins have reconfigured Kaltura to replace endless scrolling with a button to load additional videos.