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Distributed Learning Technologies

January 7, 2016: BBLearn Maintenance


Standard maintenance window is 5:00 – 8:00 AM every Thursday. BBLearn may be unavailable during this window.

Cumulative Update 3

System admins have installed an update for our current service pack, along with several B2 updates to support it.

Issues Resolved

Cumulative Update 3 for Learn 9.1, October 2014 includes resolution to the following issues:

  • Slideshare Watch Presentation and Preview do not Work
  • NullPointerException when Accessing the Default Notification Settings in Course or Organization Settings
  • Logs Under Update Tools are Recreated with Root Ownership
  • AccessControlException When Sending Enterprise Surveys
  • Enterprise Survey Response Period Email Edits do not Save when Recipients are Selected Using Choose Places
  • Organization Packages Being Restored -Imported As Courses
  • Missing Questions in Assessment After Upgrade
  • Batch Course Archives take Longer to Complete due to ETL_NON_AA
  • Delegated Grading and Disabled Course Enrollments Leaves some Attempts out of the Grading Workflow
  • Users Unable to Embed YouTube Videos Using YouTube Mashup or Video Everywhere
  • Internet Explorer and MS Office Authentication Prompt

New Functionality

  • Provides improved event telemetry and preparation for future compliance with the IMS Caliper specification across features where students contribute to course content. This is foundational work only, there are no user-facing impacts to this change in this release.

Assessments B2 update

What's New In Version 10.6.1168450

  • Editing Test Options Throws Error - Can't loadUserTestOptions The specified object was not found
  • Calculated Formula Questions are Marking Exponential Answers Incorrect
  • When an Assessment is set to open in a new Window the top Navigation Bar is Displayed
  • SaveAttemptAction is locking on the single instance of BbSessionCacheHolder instead of each session
  • Deleted Language Packs Cause Problems for Attempts with Calculated Numeric Question
  • Test Completion Status Bar in Tests Float and Cover Test Questions

Portfolios B2 update

What's New In Version 1.3.1168443

This version resolves:

  • Portfolio File Attachment URL does not get Changed from Session to Content System Resulting in Critical Error when Viewing
  • Adding Pages to Portfolio Results in Large White Space Between Section Title and Instruction Areas

Assignments B2 update

What's New In Version 2.6.1168696

This version includes changes needed for Telemetry.

Discussions B2 update

What's New In Version 10.6.1167258

This version includes changes needed for Telemetry.

Portal B2 update

What's New In Version 1.0.1167142

This version includes changes needed for Telemetry.

Wikis B2 update

What's New In Version 10.6.1167160

This version includes changes needed for Telemetry.

Blogs and Journals B2 update

What's New In Version 1.7.1167129

This version includes changes needed for Telemetry.

Blackboard Core B2 update

What's New In Version 1.0.1170876

This version resolves:

  • No Option to Upload a File in the VTBE After Installing CU3 for Learn October 2014 Release with Required B2 Updates. 

Orphaned grade center columns

Some users have reported “orphaned” grade center columns, where a grade column created by Turnitin is no longer associated with any assignment and cannot be deleted. System admins have run a script to clean up the orphaned columns that have been reported.