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Distributed Learning Technologies

April 14, 2016 - BBLearn Maintenance

Cloud Profiles B2

What's New In Version 3.9.5

This version resolves:

  • Fixed permission related issues causing errors during app server startup and NPE when trying to render the B2 properties page before clicking approve.
  • Fixed localization issues.

New Feature:

  • Blackboard Learn’s Enhanced Cloud connects a student’s industry portfolio (MyEDU) to their learning environment.  This functionality was previously available to North American customers, but with this release is now also available to all International customers.  International customers will retain the ability to have their system running either the Basic profile or MyEDU enhanced cloud profile.

Known Issue:

  • The Blackboard Learn Enhanced Cloud profile is currently available in US English. We have made the decision to deploy the profile internationally allowing select institutions to deploy it in English.  Students can author content in any language with this release and we plan to further localize the Enhanced Cloud Profile interface for all supported Learn languages at a future date.

Blackboard Store B2

What's New In Version 1.3.20141044

  • Update to handle cloud production cloud connections with updated model.
  • Login Interceptor Security enhancement.

Content Editor B2

What's New In Version 11.6.1173427

This version resolves:

  • Spell Checker Causes Slowdown or Freeze of Browsers and Increase Local PC Station CPU Usage.
  • Record from Webcam: End of Support for YouTube Webcam Recording.
  • Typing a Space in the Content Editor in a Language Pack with no Spell Check Library Causes Error.

Alias removal for bbapp1a through bbapp7a

Support staff recently replaced the production application nodes (bbapp1a - bbapp7a) with new RHEL 6 nodes (bbprd1 -bbprd7). Support staff will remove the alias for bbapp1a through bbapp7a. Users will have to use the new RHEL 6 node names (bbprd1 through bbprd7) to access specific nodes.