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Distributed Learning Technologies

September 15, 2016: BbLearn Maintenance

Standard maintenance window is 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM every Thursday morning. Blackboard Learn may be inaccessible during this window.

Update Blackboard Mobile Web Services B2

What's New in Version 94.9.1

  • Adds the ability for embedded images in HTML items to display in-line.
  • Resolves session issue where Force to Web authenticated users need to constantly re-authenticate.
  • Fixes issue where some due dates are missing when a non-English system language is selected.
  • Fixes incorrectly displayed grades on the Grades page.
  • Resolves issues where students can’t hide Ultra courses on the Courses screen.

Update Partner Cloud B2

What's New In Version 1.7.2014101259

  • Updated Content Market page: Available partners are no longer displayed with a scrolling carousel. The UI has been updated to display partners in a tile format.
  • Updated Content Market page: System Administrators now have option in the Partner Cloud Setting page to Show All Supported Partners. The option is set to Yes by default. See Administrator’s Guide for additional details.
  • System Administrators now have an option in the Partner Cloud Settings page to Show Unsupported Partners. The option is set to Yes by default. See Administrator’s Guide for additional details.
  • Enhanced backend processing for Content Refresh.
  • Enhanced support for partners implementing a total score column with individual content deployment.
  • Partners may now implement functionality to add grade columns on an as needed basis. If the partner option is enabled, then when grades are provided from the Partner System into the Learn System, any grades sent not matching an existing grade column will trigger automatic creation of a new grade column.
  • Enhanced support of due dates for partner content to differentiate functionality for partners that do not support default due dates for content deployed to Learn. Content without default due dates will no longer have instructor entered due dates overridden in Learn during grade updates or content refresh.
  • Added support for partners to allow deployment of a multipart items.
  • To ensure grades are being properly delivered and both students and instructors have the optimal user experience with their partner content, the default grades options for Accept Grade Notifications along with the allowed options for The Scheduled Grade Update Frequency have been updated.
  • Correction in content loading process for partners implementing a Table of Contents display.
  • Correction for errors occurring when System Administrator saves the Academic Material Settings.
  • Update made to ensure visibility attribute is only set on initial content deployment into a Learn course. Running a content or grade refresh will no longer impact the visibility of content.
  • Correction on the Grade Refresh where items deployed multiple items should only appear once in correlation of the number of grade columns.
  • Correction for System Administrators when selecting Yes for Show User Acknowledgement Message ensuring the System Administrator is able to edit the Message Text area.
  • Enhanced Just In Time grade updates to support multiple scenarios such as opening in a new window or updating grades for multiple assignments within the course at once.
  • Updates to enhance accessibility support.

Uninstall deprecated Blackboard Collaborate Voice B2

On August 31, 2016, Blackboard ended support for the following tools:

  • Voice Authoring
  • Voice Board
  • Voice Email
  • Voice Podcaster
  • Voice Presentation

As these tools are no longer functional, there is no need to keep the requisite plugin installed on our system.

Backend changes

Updated Self-Service tool username handling to better match CAS authentication behavior

Updated Xythos inter-server communication config

Security update (000041639)