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Distributed Learning Technologies

September 22, 2016: BBLearn Maintenance

Standard maintenance window is 5:00 – 8:00 AM every Thursday. BBLearn may be unavailable during this window.

Kaltura B2 version 5.0.51

What's new in version 5.0.51

This version resolves:

  • Blackboard Learn Q2 2016 verification.
  • The Context_id parameter is now sent with every LTI request including mashup items.
  • The resource_link_id parameter has been updated to be unique for each mashup item.
  • The issue causing descriptions to overlap the thumbnail in mashup items has been resolved.
  • The issue causing incorrect titles to appear in different galleries has been resolved.
  • The issue causing migration from pre-KAF versions to fail has been resolved.
  • The issue causing migrations to fail when the Faculty Repository is empty has been resolved.


  • Migrated entries may be labelled with a course name.
  • The WYSIWYG with the font/colors/text configuration may not display correctly when editing on some Android devices.
  • The previous BSE does not display long description tooltips.

Known Issues:

  • The BlackBoard Learn Email Announcement of Kaltura media to an external Email may be sent to a broken link.
  • The full screen display may not work properly on some Android devices.
  • It is not possible to upload captions or thumbnails on mobile devices. 

For more information regarding previous releases: Kaltura Release Notes(opens in new window).

DB and OS kernel patching

  • Took BBLearn offline to install OS and DB kernel patches.

Backend Changes

  • Phase 3 Integration Changes
  • Log Archiver fix