Distributed Learning Technologies

Aug 2017: Blackboard Outages

Since Aug 18th, Blackboard has been impacted by multiple slowdowns throughout the day. In addition, there have been several instances where course copy operations were delayed for several hours.

Support staff are working to fix the underlying issue.

See the table below for a timeline of individual incidents.

Timeline of events
Est. ImpactStart DateStart TimeEnd TimeDurationNotes
ModerateFri, Aug 1807:1608:0448 mSingle node outages on Multiple nodes (bbprd1, bbprd2, bbprd6).
LowFri, Aug 1811:3811:5618 msingle node marked offline (bbprd7).
HighFri, Aug 1811:5612:4650mRolling restart for multiple nodes (bbprd1, bbprd2, bbprd3, bbprd4, bbprd5, bbprd6).
LowFri, Aug 1817:4318:0118msingle node marked offline (bbprd6).
ModerateFri, Aug 1818:3818:4911msingle node outages on two nodes (bbprd1, bbprd6).
LowMon, Aug 2108:3108:4716msingle node marked offline (bbprd6).
ModerateMon, Aug 2110:3610:4913msingle node outages on two nodes (bbprd1, bbprd4).
LowMon, Aug 2111:0711:2013msingle node marked offline (bbprd3).
LowMon, Aug 2112:3212:5119msingle node marked offline (bbprd5).
HighMon, Aug 2113:3013:5529mRolling restart for all nodes.
LowTue, Aug 2219:1319:2613msingle node marked offline (bbprd3).
LowTue, Aug 2220:1520:3419msingle node marked offline (bbprd3).
LowWed, Aug 2315:2215:285msingle node marked offline (bbprd4).
LowFri, Aug 2507:2507:283msingle node marked offline (bbprd1).
LowMon, Aug 2815:0815:179msingle node marked offline (bbprd4).

When individual nodes are offline, user traffic will automatically be routed to other available nodes. Single-node outages normally do not impact the entire system, but users on the node that goes offline may experience slowdowns or minor errors before their traffic is routed elsewhere.

As more nodes go offline, users are more likely to experience slowdowns and errors.

If all nodes are offline, Blackboard will become unusable.